fund historical heritage in a digital age

Monurare sales finance the conservation of our partner's heritage

The first auction of a Monurare NFT goes directly to the associated property.

Then, thanks to NFT technology, this same property receives royalties on each second market sale.

This means recurring revenue for our partners to renovate their properties.

Exclusive and official Non Fungible Tokens

All the Monurare tokens are officials, exclusives and unique

These digital assets are made by professional digital artists specialized in modeling complexe architectural structures.

Each 3D modeling is an artwork itself.

Be associated to an historical property

Every NFT comes with physical advantages that can be claimed by the owner online or on the property.

Ex : Privileged visite of the property, name of the digital identity owner on a statue, invitations to private events organized on the property, ...

Art became Digital. Heritage will be too.

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NFTs : a fast growing economy.


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Renove and conservate our partner's historical patrimony through NFT

Lots of historical monuments are in danger because of high renovation costs.

Monurare aims to protect our historical heritage, by funding its conservation for next generations and offering more visibility to our partners.

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